Trip ReportsPuerto Rico
November 2022

Puerto Rico

8 days 110 species 10 lifersView on eBird

This was my second trip to Puerto Rico. I had been previously on vacation just to the San Juan area, so I still had 4 endemics I needed to see, plus some other reasonable targets that are not endemic. I was hoping to see either a Ruddy or Key-west Quail Dove but that turned out to be a pipe dream.

Puerto Rican Tanager View on eBird
Yellow-shouldered Blackbird LiferView on eBird
Monk Parakeet View on eBird
Green-throated Carib View on eBird
Puerto Rican Vireo View on eBird
Antillean Crested Hummingbird LiferView on eBird
Lesser Antillean Pewee View on eBird
Adelaide's Warbler View on eBird
Yellow-faced Grassquit View on eBird
Puerto Rican Flycatcher View on eBird
American Oystercatcher View on eBird
Elfin-woods Warbler LiferView on eBird
Puerto Rican Nightjar LiferView on eBird
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