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May 2023

Yucatán, Mexico

Playa del Carmen & Cozumel

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This last May I joined my family on a vacation to Playa del Carmen, Mexico. I was able to get a few lifers, but the trip was mostly about relaxing and spending time with family. We spent most of our time around Playa del Carmen, checking out the Cenotes, shopping, eating, etc. We did manage to fit in a day trip to Cozumel which I reserved exclusively for birding while they did a snorkeling trip.

Here's a selection of the birds I had around Playa del Carmen.

White-bellied Emerald View on eBird
Northern Bentbill LiferView on eBird
Mangrove Vireo LiferView on eBird
Spot-breasted Wren LiferView on eBird
Turquoise-browed Motmot View on eBird

The Cacique was surprisingly difficult to track down.

Yellow-billed Cacique LiferView on eBird
Yucatan Jay View on eBird
Ferruginous Pygmy-Owl View on eBird

And here's a selection of the birds I had on Cozumel, starting with my favorite endemic! Well, there's only two endemics on Cozumel, but still.

Cozumel Vireo LiferView on eBird

The Emerald was more challenging to get a good photo of.

Cozumel Emerald LiferView on eBird

I walked about 3 miles each way to the sewer treatment plant just for the Ruddy Crake, but it paid off! I saw it immediately after arriving.

Ruddy Crake LiferView on eBird

Caribbean Dove was extremely challenging to get pictures of. I spent probably over an hour bush whacking trying to get a glimpse of it. It was calling continuously from high in the trees.

Caribbean Dove LiferView on eBird
Yucatan Vireo LiferView on eBird
Black Catbird View on eBird
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